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Suomen Lemmikkichinchillat ry


The Finnish Pet Chinchilla Association

Welcome to the homepage of the Finnish Pet Chinchilla Association (SLC)! This website contains information about the basic care of chinchilla, Finnish chinchilla breeders, chinchilla shows, and many other chinchilla-related things, but mostly in Finnish.

Founded in 1991 (the first year of activity was 1992), SLC is a registered association and a member of the Finnish Rabbit and Rodent Association (Suomen Kani- ja Jyrsijäliitto ry). The goal of SLC is to connect pet chinchilla owners and to enhance their knowledge of chinchillas.

SLC organizes chinchilla shows, publishes a member magazine called Chinchilla four times a year, gives advice concerning chinchilla care and breeding, relays information about chinchillas for sale or people looking for a chinchilla, maintains a registry of Finnish chinchillas, and pursues to make chinchilla a well-known pet in Finland.

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